The Legacy Bulletin – Jaxson Sudlow

June 2024

Scholarship Winner to Study Oceanography at UW

The winner of the 2024 Anne Murphy Ocean Stewards Scholarship is Port Townsend High School senior Jaxson Sudlow. At some point in the past several years, you may have been greeted by Jaxson as you entered the museum, seen him in full SCUBA gear helping to move marine life from the Point Hudson jetty prior to the recent construction project, or heard him speak at our recent auction.

Jaxson will start at the University of Washington this coming fall, majoring in oceanography. As a Port Townsend native, Jaxson’s entire life has been spent near the ocean, which has served as both a playground and a classroom for him. From an early age, he was captivated by the sea, kindled by family traditions of fishing, crabbing, and diving. His participation in a plankton lab at PTMSC at an early age opened his eyes to the fact that the sea is teeming with life, and ignited an interest in marine life that continues to this day. Jaxson will learn even more about marine life at UW, where he will pursue a marine science minor on top of his oceanography studies.

In PTMSC, Jaxson found a place where he could discuss and explore his wide variety of interests. For example, after observing an intriguing octopus behavior on a dive, he was able to connect with experts at PTMSC to learn more about this behavior. Having access to people with whom he could have such discussions was extremely valuable to him in fostering a passion for science and a desire to contribute to the growth of scientific knowledge in the future.

One of Jaxson’s most transformative experiences was his participation in the Point Hudson jetty project. As a volunteer diver, he helped relocate marine life to a new artificial reef, gaining hands-on experience in marine conservation. This project not only enhanced his diving skills but also deepened his understanding of marine ecosystems and the importance of habitat restoration. By facilitating this opportunity, PTMSC was able to provide Jaxson with practical insights into the field of research diving, which is his intended career path.

His senior year project further solidified his commitment to marine science. Under the direction of PTMSC board member Doug Rogers from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Jaxson collected data on Washington’s market squid population. This involved fieldwork, data analysis, and contributing to research that informs sustainable fishing practices. This experience highlighted the intricate connections within marine ecosystems and the critical role of research in conservation efforts.

Jaxson’s experiences at PTMSC have equipped him with not only the skills and knowledge necessary for his future career but also the confidence and connections to pursue his goals. The Marine Science Center has been instrumental in transforming Jaxson’s passion into a clear career path, guiding him from the shores of Port Townsend to the vast possibilities beneath the ocean’s surface.

In every dive, every data set, and every speech, Jaxson carries with him the lessons and inspiration from PTMSC, a testament to the Center’s enduring impact on fostering future ocean stewards. We are proud of Jaxson’s accomplishments to date, and want our supporters to know they are leaving a legacy through Jaxson and thousands of other young people touched by the Center each year.

Legacy Planning Tip #4: Donor Advised Funds

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