Coastal Cleanups

PTMSC strives to conduct several cleanups along our local coastlines in Jefferson County each year! Many of our cleanups are in partnership with Washington CoastSavers and Ocean Conservancy, like the Washington Coastal Cleanup (WCC) and International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICC).

Check out how much marine debris we have collected from our local coastlines with the help of countless volunteers, like yourselves, over just the past few years!!

February (Love Your Earth, Valentine's Day Cleanup) - 40 volunteers, 500 pounds of debris removed from beaches and roadsides.
April (WCC - Earth Day Cleanup) - 173 volunteers, 2,000 pounds of debris removed. Of that, 850 pounds was recycled and 100 pounds was given back to aquaculture businesses to be reused.

Check back soon for our next Coastal Cleanup event!

April (WCC - Earth Day Cleanup) - 134 volunteers, 2,100 pounds of debris removed
September (International Coastal Cleanup Day) - 68 volunteers, 350 pounds of debris removed.

January (MLK Day) - 110 volunteers, weight not collected
September (International Coastal Cleanup Day) - 32 volunteers, 174 pounds of debris removed
October (in partnership with Puget Soundkeeper) - 32 volunteers, 554 pounds of debris removed

April (WCC - Earth Day Cleanup) - Cancelled due to Covid-19
September (International Coastal Cleanup Day) - 52 volunteers, 164 pounds of debris removed

April (WCC - Earth Day Cleanup) - 76 volunteers, 670 pounds of debris removed
September (International Coastal Cleanup Day) - 77 volunteers, 120 pounds of debris removed

April (WCC - Earth Day Cleanup) - 130 volunteers, 652 pounds of debris removed
September (International Coastal Cleanup Day) - 52 volunteers, 194 pounds of debris removed

April (WCC - Earth Day Cleanup) - 141 volunteers, weight not collected
September (International Coastal Cleanup Day) - 54 volunteers, 200 pounds of debris removed

Why is marine debris a problem?


What do we do with this data?

At each cleanup, we encourage participants to categorize and log the debris they collect through the CleanSwell app! This provides an opportunity for individuals to turn the trash they pick up into valuable data for scientists and policymakers.

Do you pick up marine debris while walking along your coastline, neighborhood, or park? Download and use the CleanSwell app to keep record of the impact you've had keeping our oceans trash free! Find more info on how to download and use it here!

Since many of our cleanups are hosted alongside organizations like Washington CoastSavers, we contribute to larger databases regarding marine pollution. We also use this data in our exhibit spaces to bring awareness to marine pollution and the scope of this problem. 

What do we do with the trash collected?

Looking forward, we hope to develop more partnerships with individuals and organizations who can help us provide second lives for the debris collected in our cleanupsThere are many ways to achieve this, with Reuse being our primary goal! 

One example of this is our dedication to developing partnerships with shellfish growers in order to return aquaculture gear collected that can still be used - instead of tossing it! Reuse can also be accomplished through art, like the marine debris installment at our Downtown office pictured below.
If items are not deemed reusable, we aim to collaborate with organizations working to recycle marine debris related items! An amazing example of these types of organizations is Net Your Problem!