Orca ART-iculation: Earth Day 50th Anniversary

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we asked our community to participate in an Orca ART-iculation. 

Over 30 creators from the Port Townsend community (and beyond!) have joined our project to virtually recreate the skeleton of Hope, PTMSC’s transient orca. 

Please explore the project’s .pdf below: clicking on the individual bones will give you a closer view of the original artwork we received!


Here's a pair of videos showing the assembly of Hope the orca's skeleton.

This video shows each piece of artwork overlaid over the original cross-section, re-articulating the orca skeleton piece by piece.


This video shows the artwork of each vertebrae in sequence.
We're amazed at how much variety is shown in the artwork! 


We’ve made the blank project files public! Visit ptmsc.org/onlinelearning to start another ARTiculation with your family and friends! (Check out all our other virtual events there, too!)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this ART-iculation project!