The octopus is officially named Kakantu! And it’s a boy!

October 26, 2023

The name, Kakantu, given to this individual of the species giant Pacific octopus, was chosen by the winning bidder at the 2023 PTMSC Auction fundraiser. The name comes from the Klallam language and has two meanings, according to the Klallam Dictionary1. The first is the name of a girl in a story told by Amy Allen who is the grandmother of the current Tribal Council Chairman of the Jamestown S’Kl...

Volunteers in action

July 22, 2023

PTMSC volunteers helping keep the beaches safe for the summer! Have you ever been on a Puget Sound beach and noticed a 'beach closed for swimming' sign? As one of our citizen science projects, PTMSC is a partner in sampling local beaches to make sure they are safe for recreation. We do this as part of WA State Dept. of Ecology's EPA-funded Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication and He...


Releasing an octopus

February 2, 2023

by Tracy Thompson and Ali Redman Marley Loomis has been keeping track of the giant Pacific octopus (GPO) at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center ever since she left her position as an AmeriCorps member there from 2018-2020. When PTMSC determined it was time to release the cephalopod, Marley knew she had to be there. In 2020, Marley spotted the young octopus while sorting zooplankton from ...

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