Learning from Orcas – the story of hope

The skeleton of Hope, a transient female orca that beached and died locally in 2002, now hangs in the Natural History Building at PTMSC. While working with scientists researching her death and preparing her skeleton for display, we learned many things about this whale and the community of orcas living along our coast. Our exhibit, Learning from Orcas—The Story of Hope, highlights her story and lessons we have learned from these events. 

The exhibit has activities for all ages. Can you figure out what caused this whale's death? Look for clues around the exhibit to help you decide. Want to put together a skeleton yourself? Maybe you'd like to start with a seal's flipper. 

You'll also learn about some threats that orcas face today, like the toxic chemicals found in this whale's body. Understanding how she became contaminated is a wake up call for us. For the sake of animals like Hope, and for our sake too, we all need to become better protectors of our environment. In this exhibit we invite you to come share ideas on how, working together, we can make a difference.