Repair events

What do you do with…
Your favorite sweater with a tear in the elbow?
A toaster that no longer works?
A vacuum that stopped working and has you stumped?
A resume that could use an extra set of eyes? 
A bike with a squeaky wheel?
You bring it to a Repair Event!

What are repair events?

Repair Events are free community gatherings where individuals can bring their broken belongings to be repaired by local volunteers with a variety of skills and knowledge. Our crew of volunteers can do repairs ranging from rewiring a floor lamp or figuring out why the suction on your vacuum has suddenly stopped to mending a torn fabric item.

These events spark connections within the community through the exchange of valuable mending and repair knowledge – all while diverting personal possessions from the landfill! 

Upcoming repair events

What to expect at a Repair Event

All are welcome! Everyone has stuff and stuff breaks!

Important information!

  • Limit of 2 belongings per person. If there is space and time, it is possible we can repair additional items you might bring.
  • You must be present during repair.
  • Please clean your belongings before bringing them in to be repaired (i.e., dump out the vacuum collection canister, wash clothes beforehand, etc). 
  • If your item needs a part, we ask that you bring the new part with you.
  • Bring any manuals or extra components you may have for the item you bring in to be fixed.
  • Upon checking in you will be asked to sign a waiver holding PTMSC and volunteers harmless for any potential damage to your property.  
  • We cannot assure that an item can be repaired, or that attempting to repair it won’t break it further. 
  • Your repair might be outside of the scope of our fixers! If this is the case, they may be able to recommend temporary solutions or a professional in our area that could provide the needed services.

Restricted items:

  • Items that are leaking fluids
  • Grimy, dirty, or hazardous items
  • Items having noxious or excessive odors
  • Microwaves
  • Anything that cannot be easily carried, e.g. no major appliances, motor vehicles, etc.

Jeffco Repair and it’s dedicated crew of volunteers have helped to:

  • Divert 2017.6 pounds of belongings from the waste stream
  • Repair 372 belongings for those living throughout Jefferson County
  • Overall, averaging 80.5% success rate repairing belongings brought to events

Follow along with Jeffco Repair!

Interested in volunteering?

Do you have repair skills or just love tinkering with items, figuring our what the problem might be and putting it back together? We invite you to join our crew of volunteers!

Limited, modest stipends are available. Contact Mandi at for more information on how to get involved.

JeffCo Repair is a grant-funded project sponsored by PTMSC, with the support of Local 2020’s Beyond Waste action group. Funding is provided through a Public Participation Grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology. 

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