The Marine Science Center has a lot going on in downtown Port Townsend!

At Flagship Landing, 1001 Water St., you’ll find our Gallery as well as the Visitor Center and Store. And just a block away you can visit the Whale on the Wharf, a fully articulated, 42′ gray whale!

While you’re in Port Townsend, make sure to visit our Museum and gift shop at Fort Worden State Park! The Aquarium is closed for the winter.

Fossil Lab: Our Ancient and Future Salish Sea

An interpreted workshop experience highlighting PTMSC’s fossil collections.

This exhibit will be at the Gallery from November 10 – February 18.
Friday – Sunday, 12 – 3 p.m.
There is no admission fee, though donations are always appreciated.

Fossil specimens, interpretive panels, and hands-on activities, focusing on the PTMSC’s modest but fascinating fossil collection. The exhibit specimens and text panels are augmented by a work area in the center of the room where volunteers from PTMSC and Quimper Geological Society will share some of the techniques of collections care and what can be learned from looking at fossils.

PTMSC is known in part for its aquarium and natural history museum at Fort Worden State Park, but did you also know we have fossils too? Over the decades and through generous donations and loans, we have built and stewarded a modest collection of specimens, replicas, and objects that help us better understand – and be inspired by – the deep history of the Salish Sea region.

Enjoy these remarkable glimpses far back in time, and join us in this gallery experiment, where we work on and imagine PTMSC’s future together.


The Gallery is located in the historic Flagship Landing building, at 1001 Water St., in downtown Port Townsend.

While you’re in Port Townsend, come to Fort Worden to visit our Aquarium and Museum. You can find hours and more information here.


The Gallery is open Friday – Sunday, 12 – 3 p.m.


The Gallery is free. Donations are always appreciated.

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