Current volunteers

photo by: Betsy Carlson

Record your hours

Use the link below to record your volunteer hours. If you have trouble with the form, reach out to Tracy at

Besides your time you share directly with PTMSC, you can also record the hours you spend:

  • on educational pursuits that enhance the skills and knowledge you bring to PTMSC. This could include attending lectures and workshop with us or other organizations. This would count as “volunteer training and enrichment”.
  • and on citizen science projects you participate in with our partners, such as Green Crab Monitoring. Record these hours as “CS – CS Research other”, and use the description box below to let us know more.

Resources for volunteers

Learn about PTMSC, the Salish Sea, habitats, current issues, and much more.

Visit the volunteer resources webpage.

Past volunteer updates

Week of May 19, 2024
Week of May 12, 2024
Week of May 5, 2024
Week of April 28, 2024

Volunteer spotlight

Linda Martin
Linda Dacon
Dan and Soozie Darrow
Lee Bebout
Darryl Hrenko
Lori VanDeMark
Patt Roche
Jo Ferrero

Volunteer schedules

Please check the schedules each week.

Schedules are view only

Email to let us know if you’re able to fill empty slots, OR if you’re scheduled but can’t be there.
For exhibit and aquarium aide schedules, email
For the citizen science schedule, email

Exhibits & gift shop schedule

If you need to cancel a shift on the day of (and especially on a weekend), please leave a message at the Museum greeter station. 360-385-5582 x114.

Aquarium aide schedule
Citizen science schedule
Larval crab schedule
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