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We’re hiring an Exhibits and Outreach Specialist! Bring your passion for conservation and the Salish Sea to the Port Townsend Marine Science Center! You’ll find all the details and the position description here.

Interpreting with heart

Volunteer Rene Cortez
When Port Townsend Marine Science Center volunteer Rene Cortez moved to Port Townsend in 2021, he brought with him a passion for volunteering and a vital interest in marine conservation. A lively presence in the exhibits, he is especially fond of sharing his passion for cetaceans, and has a wonderful intuition with youngsters, drawing them out and revealing their enthusiasms.

The legacy bulletin – Marley Loomis

With a background in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado-Boulder, Marley Loomis stepped into the world of marine education in 2018 as a two-term AmeriCorps member, not realizing that her path would lead her to an intimate understanding of one of the ocean’s most enigmatic inhabitants: the octopus.

Past lectures on YouTube

Did you know you can enjoy past Future of Oceans lectures on the PTMSC YouTube channel? You’ll find the recorded lectures and links on our Lectures page. The lecture series, The Future of Oceans, draws on the commitment of professional researchers and educators across all academic spectrums to help define and inspire the health of …

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The legacy bulletin – Allison Kellum

December 2023 Charting the Course: Allison Kellum’s Journey from PTMSC to Scripps Oceanography Allison Kellum’s career path was shaped by her two years at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center (PTMSC), which helped focus her passion for marine conservation in ways that continue in her work today at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the …

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The legacy bulletin – Lorenzo McCleese

September 2023 A Rising Tide in Conservation and Community Leadership When it comes to champions of environmental advocacy and community leadership, few shine as brightly as Lorenzo McCleese. As a dedicated volunteer at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center (PTMSC) from the tender age of eight, Lorenzo has been a strong proponent of our mission to …

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Releasing an octopus

Marley Loomis has been keeping track of the giant Pacific octopus (GPO) at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center ever since she left her position as an AmeriCorps member there from 2018-2020. When PTMSC determined it was time to release the cephalopod, Marley knew she had to be there.

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