photo by: Betsy Carlson

Whale on the wharf

On Union Wharf, along the waterfront of Port Townsend, WA, you will find a fully articulated, 42-foot male gray whale skeleton on display. He died, emaciated, at the start of a gray whale Unusual Mortality Event, declared in 2019. Locals call him Gunther.

Larval Dungeness crab research

Dungeness crab are important to the animals and people of the Salish Sea. By filling data gaps and supporting fisheries managers this research supports sustainability in the face of a changing world.

Marine Mammal Stranding Network

If you found a harbor seal, sea lion, porpoise or whale on the beach what would you do? First, give the animal space and then, call the Marine Mammal Stranding Network hotline! In east Jefferson County, WA, we are the local stranding responders.

Pinto abalone satellite nursery

By raising endangered pinto abalone within our aquarium, PTMSC is helping this vital species recover and sharing its inspiring story with visitors.
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