Citizen Science


Volunteers collect salt water samples using a plankton net. They measure water temperature and salinity, ID phytoplankton, and preserve samples for further analysis. It’s part of a Sound-wide study of harmful algal blooms (HABs). Data is entered into an online database accessible by state health officials for real-time public safety appraisal.

Volunteers in action

Have you ever been on a Puget Sound beach and noticed a ‘beach closed for swimming’ sign? As one of our citizen science projects, PTMSC is a partner in sampling local beaches to make sure they are safe for recreation.

Marine Mammal Stranding Network

If you found a harbor seal, sea lion, porpoise or whale on the beach what would you do? First, give the animal space and then, call the Marine Mammal Stranding Network hotline! In east Jefferson County, WA, we are the local stranding responders.
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